Six Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Massage


A massage is every bit as unique as the person who receives it. But while massage therapy offers several therapeutic benefits, from relieving mild tension to treating chronic pain, not every type of massage produces the same results. A great massage therapist takes into account your particular goals to devise an individualized wellness plan. But the challenge rests not with finding a masseuse amenable to treating individualized needs; instead, it’s with you, the patient, knowing what are your needs in the first place. That’s the reason Gainesville Holistic Healthcare is sharing these six tips to help you get the most out of your next massage.

1. Know Which Conditions Massage Therapy Treats

When you arrive for a massage, the massage therapist will ask about your physical and spiritual health. These preliminary questions are used to identify your health issues and to design a treatment approach that resolves them. Some people are shy about revealing how they feel. Other people may be unsure about which ailments massage does or doesn’t treat. By having some awareness of which conditions massage therapy treats, you can share only applicable health information with the masseuse, and he or she can more accurately create a treatment approach.

Connective tissue therapy, also known as deep tissue massage, alleviates pain and stiffness caused by stress, an injury, or a health disorder. From young patients to elderly patients, individuals of all ages experience increased flexibility and range of motion for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Sometimes physical pain stems from within the body and causes sharp, shooting, or radiating muscle spasms. These symptoms are treated with neuromuscular therapy, which unlocks tense muscles to release the pressures that trigger chronic pain.

Not all ailments are physical, as some relate to emotional harmony. Polarity therapy combines physical and psychological treatments to induce relaxation, build strength and spur energy. Thai massage therapy uses the concept of love energy to create a sense of peace and well-being through the promotion of balance.

No type of massage is exclusive of the others. You may identify one treatment that’s specific to your current health aspirations. Or you may have a range of wellness goals that a massage therapist can help fulfill through a personalized mixture of massage services.

2. Make The Environment Feel Comfortable

Before you can relax while receiving massage, you need to feel safe and comfortable in your surroundings. Massage therapists are skilled in creating environments that promote relaxation. However, every person has unique preferences. Music, lighting, or the positioning of the massage table are small details of a massage room that can influence how you feel and affect the quality of the treatment. A skilled masseuse understands the role of environmental factors and will ask how you feel most comfortable. It’s important not to be bashful but to relate your sincere wishes. Ultimately, the goal should be for the background sights and sounds to drift out of your awareness so you can release the tension in your body and allow the massage therapist to deliver optimal treatment.

3. Communicate With Your Massage Therapist

Massage therapists work with people on a regular basis and are skilled communicators. Knowing how to communicate with your masseuse helps you feel more comfortable so that you may clearly relate your wellness needs. The best analogy for a massage therapist is he or she is a cross between a counselor and a physician. You can openly describe to the massage therapist which areas are causing discomfort, so you shouldn’t refrain from asking for additional attention to a problem area. If your idea of relaxation is silence, you needn’t feel obligated to talk beyond providing basic instructions or responding to questions about the treatment. But if you’re someone who feels relaxed while talking, it’s acceptable to talk about any number of topics with a masseuse, just as you would a hairdresser or nail technician.

4. Schedule The Appointment At A Convenient Time

The duration of a massage can range from 30 minutes to upwards of 90 minutes. Since the goal is to be as relaxed as possible during the massage, it’s helpful to schedule the appointment, so you have enough time to unwind before the massage. It takes time to relax after a stressful activity. Therefore, it’s best not to head straight to an appointment after a day of work, a long drive, or another high-stress activity. Instead, arrange to have the massage on a day when you don’t have much else going on so your mind and body are relaxed. It’s also advisable to allow the benefits of the massage sink in by avoiding strenuous activity after the appointment. Although, if you know how a massage affects you, you can use the treatment to get relaxed before an important event, such as a business meeting or job interview.

5. Visit A Licensed Massage Therapist

Earning a massage license is no small feat. It takes considerable study and dedication, not to mention a proven breadth of knowledge regarding massage techniques and other health and wellness issues. Finding a licensed massage therapist in Gainesville is another necessary step to a great massage. Caitlyn Vinci at Gainesville Holistic Healthcare exemplifies who to look for in a massage therapist — she’s licensed, is certified in Thai massage, and has several years of experience.

6. Include Massage As Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Massage therapy offers holistic health benefits that can be integrated into a comprehensive wellness plan. Regular massages, in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate levels of exercise for your age and fitness level, all contribute to a higher quality of life. Massage therapists offer guidance regarding how to design an effective health and wellness strategy that realizes your personalized goals. At Gainesville Holistic Healthcare, we offer free 20- to 30-minute consultations for new patients. To schedule a massage or health consultation, please contact us.

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