Finding the Right Massage Therapy for You

One of the oldest forms of healing arts, massage therapy dates back thousands of years. Today, professional massage therapy is used to promote relaxation, reduce stress and heal a wide variety of mental and physical ailments. If you’re looking to complement acupuncture therapy treatment or benefit from massage as a stand-alone service, a Gainesville licensed massage therapist at Gainesville Holistic Healthcare can help you heal holistically with a treatment plan tailored to your specific healthcare needs and preferences.

Connective Tissue Therapy

Also known as deep tissue massage, connective tissue therapy focuses on restoring the quality and relationship of healthy muscle, connective tissue and fluid in the body. When you’re stressed, injured, dehydrated, or ill, healthy muscle and connective tissue can stick to one another, impairing normal function, reducing comfort and causing severe pain. Benefits of connective tissue therapy include improving range of motion, posture, and flexibility, and easing pains in the neck, back, shoulders and feet. For connective tissue massage therapy in Gainesville, contact Gainesville Holistic Healthcare.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy focuses on identifying and relieving chronic muscle tension patterns by stimulating neurological reflexes related to chronic muscle contraction and pain patterns. Also called Trigger Point Therapy, this therapy involves concentrating pressure on specific trigger points in the body to release tension and reduce pain. Experienced in performing neuromuscular massages in Gainesville, FL, our licensed professionals can help leverage the best of neuromuscular therapy to help restore your body to optimal function.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is known as the art and science of balancing and stimulating the flow of energy pathways in the body to facilitate body rebalancing and function. Physical, psychological and emotional stress can be harmful to the body, causing blockages in energy pathways that disrupt healthy movement. Polarity therapy can provide clients with deep relaxation, release of pain, greater range of movement, changes in breathing, shifts in the nervous system, sensations of heat or cold, spontaneous movement, and a release of suppressed thought, leading to the emotionally expressive release of energy blockages. Restore your energy flow with polarity therapy performed by a Gainesville licensed massage therapist at Gainesville Holistic Healthcare.


Based on ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine practices, reflexology is the application of alternating pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, or ears. Reflexologists believe each reflex point corresponds to different body organs and systems. Putting pressure on these points can benefit a person’s health by relieving blockages and expelling negative energy. Reflexology is beneficial for healing and reducing the occurrence of headaches, sinus congestion, stress, cardiopulmonary disorders, and digestive issues. Contact us today to find out how reflexology can benefit you.

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports-related injuries can be troublesome to heal. Our professional massage therapists can help ease sore, overstressed muscles, speed recovery from injuries and orthopedic surgeries, and improve strength and flexibility.

Thai Massage Therapy

An ancient form of massage therapy, Thai massage features non-invasive bodywork using compression, stretching, and rocking to restore balance to the body. Thai massage focuses on moving through energy lines of the body, placing emphasis on Marma points, the junctures of bone, muscle, ligament, and joint. The essence of this massage therapy is self-awareness and the facilitation of love energy (Metta). Thai massage is especially effective in restoring overall balance of the body and creating a sense of peace and well-being. It is also great for treating stress-related illnesses, circulatory problems, pains and muscle aches.

Massage Therapy In Gainesville, FL

Massage therapy is being incorporated into Western medical practices more and more by licensed doctors due to its many advantages and benefits for healing stress, anxiety and illness. In Gainesville, FL massage therapy professionals at Gainesville Holistic Healthcare are dedicated to helping you restore and rebalance your mind, body and spirit. Our certified and experienced massage therapists have your best interest at heart, providing leading expertise of massage therapy in Gainesville locals can rely on. Call us to find the massage therapy that best fits you!

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