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Gainesville Holistic Healthcare is a full-service healthcare provider dedicated to your well-being: physical, mental, and emotional. Our skilled physicians are trained and certified in a wide variety of healing modalities designed to offer you comprehensive primary care and wellness. We invite you to come early for your appointment to give yourself time to peruse our extensive lending library, enjoy a chilled infused beverage or a cup of hot herbal tea, and to relax and prepare yourself for your appointment. Unwind from the stresses of your everyday life in our calm and peaceful oasis.

How We Can Help

At Gainesville Holistic Healthcare, our physicians create carefully customized
care plans to get you at optimal health and help you reach and maintain balance.

Acute &
Chronic Pain

Improve your quality of life with effective acupuncture pain treatment.


We lead the way in treating body, mind, & spirit for women of all ages.


Our skilled practitioners will work with you to get your digestion back on track.


Manage your blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and even lose weight.


Allergies, asthma, and even COPD are among respiratory conditions we treat.

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I highly recommend Gainesville Holistic Healthcare. Dr. Pettigrew is fantastic. I look forward to and enjoy each visit. I find results with acupuncture versus dead ends through Western Medicine. I am finally feeling better than I have in years. I am so thankful to her for all her help. Dr. Pettigrew is intelligent, warm, easy to talk to, and listens to my concerns. I can tell she is passionate about helping me heal. The office is soothing and an all-around healing atmosphere. I am truly grateful to be her patient.

Jenna Dolan

I’ve been seeing Dr. Pettigrew for quite a while and absolutely consider her my primary care physician. She has helped me with a very wide variety of issues over the years including migraines, stress and even digestive issues. I am always referring people to Gainesville Holistic Healthcare because I truly believe it is life-changing how much of an effect you receive after only one session. Especially if you have been dealing with an unresolved medical issue with traditional Western care, Dr. Pettigrew is the doctor for you.

Meghan Morales

Dr. Pettigrew has really helped me start to work through my fatigue issues. I am receiving acupuncture, dietary help and lots of encouragement and tender care. I recommend her. Bethany (front desk) is not your usual “worker”. She is awesome, sweet and helpful. I’ve been there for about a month….every week and beginning to turn the corner.

Jeannette Browning

My experience with Gainesville Holistic Healthcare and Dr. Pettigrew has been life-changing. I have unresolved Bell’s Palsy (14 years). I have left side facial paralysis with facial spasms/twitching. I have been seeing [Dr. Pettigrew] for about three weeks and my spasms have reduced noticeably. There has also been an improvement in my facial symmetry of probably about 70%. The improvement I have seen in my face has been much more than I ever dreamed would be possible. The office and treatment rooms are clean, relaxing and a perfect healing environment. I give many, many, thanks and look forward to continuing treatment with [Dr. Pettigrew].

Marolyn Pace

Dr. Pettigrew has been great! I came to her complaining of shin splints and looking for alternative treatment to help heal and restore. She worked with me to find a great and affordable care plan that worked well with my work schedule and recommended two herbs to assist with healing. If I have any other complaints she will address them in each appointment and looks to help with lifestyle changes that will be beneficial for my overall health and specifically with the healing of my body. She explains things very thoroughly and addresses each concern with care.

Diana Dersch

I absolutely loved my visit with Gainesville holistic healthcare! From the calming environment in the lobby, the wonderful woman at the front desk, and of course my actual visit with Dr. Pettigrew, everything was amazing! I felt heard, relaxed, and comfortable the entire time. I highly recommend!

Krystin Kasper

I began seeing Dr. Pettigrew for headaches, neck tension, and asthma. From her, I’ve learned loads about how to prevent and treat my symptoms both myself and with her numerous therapies. It’s very much a calm and relaxing environment and she takes special care to listen to your needs and make you feel comfortable. Her staff is extremely organized, cordial and professional. I will be back if need be!

Trey Fields

I had an amazing experience at Gainesville Holistic Healthcare. I was having some nasty backaches and was treated with acupuncture and cupping and have had amazing results. I’ve been back several times and highly recommend it to anyone in Gainesville.

Fernando Vela

Dr. Pettigrew has been wonderful in helping sort out an array of stomach and stress-related issues! She is very welcoming and seems genuinely concerned about the physical and mental health of her patients. She suggested some effective lifestyle and diet changes, and I have noticed a big increase in my overall health, even while traveling abroad for long periods. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends!

Jacy Hyde

Staff is very kind and organized. The office is very clean and has a welcoming and comfortable environment. Dr. Traci is very knowledgeable and compassionate. I’ve found her treatments to help alleviate my symptoms and assist me in progressing through a very difficult period of my life. Definitely a gem of a business here in Gainesville.


I’m so happy to be seeing Dr. Pettigrew on a regular basis! She is an amazing healthcare provider – intuitive, smart, professional, and kind. She had been helping me relax and let things go, and over time I’m becoming more able to moderate myself. Acupuncture helps with so many different issues, I’m confident having Dr. Pettigrew as part of my self-care team will help me be my best!

Cody Yelton

After being ill for 9 months, I chanced upon the Web site for Gainesville Holistic Healthcare and called and made an appointment. I am so glad I did! After working with Dr. Pettigrew for only 5 weeks, I am much improved and can see that, continuing to work with her, I will eventually achieve good health once again. Dr. Pettigrew really does take a holistic approach to the healing process and allows the patient to take an active role in that process. And she, like Bethany, who greets me with a smile and a pleasant attitude when I come for my appointments, are both gentle and kind souls. As well, their place of healing is a calm and joyful habitat!

Teresa Cooper

Since starting acupuncture treatment in April 2019, I have been sleeping better, longer, and deeper than I can remember in the recent past. I went into the sessions hoping for some weight loss management & assistance and have found so much more healing than I truly expected. I have found better ways to manage stress, as well as being more aware of my general and overall self. I end almost every session with cupping, which has tremendously helped my back and shoulder pain and easing overall tension. Thankful I found Gainesville Holistic Healthcare to help me take better care of myself!

Erica Betz

I have had nothing but great experiences with Dr. Pettigrew. She is caring, professional, and competent. I highly recommend her.

Cindy Brush

Had a great experience with Dr. Pettigrew. She is very gentle, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend her!

Sara Potter