Ease Stress From Exams & The Holidays With Massage

Mental health is the cornerstone of physical health and wellbeing. Stress is responsible for causing many health concerns ranging from digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, high blood-pressure and chronic pain to depression, insomnia, anxiety and persistent tiredness. In the face of stressful events, such as preparing for the holidays or final exams, self-care treatments can help you avoid the negative effects of stress and restore your mental health. Gainesville Holistic Healthcare shares tips on how Gainesville massage therapy can help you effectively alleviate the most common types of stress caused by high-pressure situations. Don’t let stress take over your life; call Gainesville Holistic Healthcare today to schedule an appointment for massage therapy Gainesville, FL, locals rely on.

Massage Therapy in Gainesville

Common Types of Stress

Life can be stressful. When do you have time to take a deep breath and relax? According to Gainesville massage therapists, these are the two most common types of stress.

Acute Stress

Short-term traumatic events often lead to acute stress. Acute stress causes stress hormone cortisol to spike for relatively short bursts of time, causing an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and adrenaline, until the body is reverted to homeostasis. Students taking exams commonly experience acute stress during preparation and in the time following tests. While some stress is a normal part of life, acute stress that occurs frequently or consistently can affect health negatively and lead to chronic stress.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress occurs over a long periods of time and often causes serious health concerns, including high blood pressure, cardiac conditions, digestive disorders, insomnia, anxiety, depression and fatigue. This prolonged type of stress causes cortisol levels to rise for an extended amount of time, limiting the body’s ability to return to homeostasis. Because the holidays occur over a few months, experiencing chronic stress is common throughout this season.

Alleviate Stress With Massage Therapy Treatments

When stress is at its peak, many people forget about the importance of self-care. However, growing evidence has identified professional massage therapy as one of the best resources for providing a variety of health benefits and alleviating a handful of medical conditions, including acute and chronic stress. For professional massage in Gainesville to ease stress, contact Gainesville Holistic Healthcare today.


Reflexology is the application of specific pressure to points and areas on the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to internal structures and the musculoskeletal system. Often effective for headaches, sinus congestion, cardiopulmonary disorders, and digestive issues, reflexology is a fantastic therapy for alleviating the symptoms of chronic and acute stress.

Thai Massage therapy

In traditional Thai massage, therapists perform non-invasive bodywork using compression, stretching, and rocking to restore balance to the body. The focus of the work is to move through the energy lines of the body and put emphasis on Marma points, the junctures of bone, muscle, ligament, and joint. Thai massage is especially effective for restoring overall balance and treating stress-related illnesses.

Polarity Therapy

Physical, emotional, and psychological stress creates energy blockages that disrupt healthy movement and balance of energy in our bodies, making us susceptible to disease and illness. In polarity therapy, the massage therapist uses gentle and direct contact to connect energy pathways and gentle rocking movements to facilitate energy flow. Polarity therapy helps individuals achieve deep relaxation, expressive emotion and allows for a great release of stress.

Professional Massage Therapy in Gainesville, FL

Don’t let stress run you ragged while you plan for the holidays and prepare for exams. Invest in your health with the expertise of a massage therapist in Gainesville at Gainesville Holistic Healthcare. We are dedicated to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our skilled physicians are trained in a variety of modalities designed to attend to your every healthcare need and restore natural balance to your life.

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