Micro-current Point Stimulation

What is Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS)?

Microcurrent Point Stimulation is cutting-edge technology that allows the acupuncture physician to access and stimulate an acupuncture point without using needles. The perfect treatment option for anyone who is needle-adverse, MPS gets excellent results when treating both acute and chronic pain and has been proven to release scar tissue and adhesions, promoting healing and the regeneration of new healthy tissue.

MPS works by delivering a very mild direct current into specific acupuncture points non-invasively. It can also be used to activate motor points and trigger points, thereby significantly reducing musculoskeletal pain. The patient may feel some pressure from the tip of the device, which is placed directly on the skin. Essentially, this feels a lot like the tip of a ballpoint pen being pressed against the skin. Other than this pressure, there is no sensation felt with the MPS device.

Gainesville Holistic Healthcare physicians have received training in the use of MPS technology and are the only certified providers in the Gainesville area.