Managing Chronic Pain with Acupuncture: Disrupting the Pain Spiral

The issue of chronic pain is bigger than we often imagine. Americans spend around $88 billion on treatments for back pain, but pain medications often come with a host of problems. The opioid crisis has caused many issues, such as loss of productivity and even death, which is why it is important to seek other methods for relief.

While acupuncture has been practiced for over 2,000 years, Western medicine is just beginning to understand its benefits and embrace it. The National Center for Medic-Aid & Medicare now covers acupuncture for seniors, the FDA recently began encouraging doctors to learn about acupuncture, and the Veterans Affairs office now hires acupuncture physicians.

Chronic pain can be hard to deal with because it affects your day-to-day life. It can wreak havoc on your sleep, ability to walk, bathe, exercise, go to work, and so much more. Research shows that chronic pain conditions can negatively affect your happiness levels in ways that not even economic hardships or chronic illnesses can. Hamilton Rotte, our pain management specialist, was driven to this specialty because he has seen the life-changing results his patients have achieved when managing chronic pain with acupuncture.


Acupuncture treatments are specifically designed for the individual’s body, which is why these treatments are so effective. Needles used in acupuncture can help stimulate the natural healing process of the body by optimizing circulation. When focusing on each individual’s needs, our physicians offer a more complete plan to help you reach wellness.

Acupuncture is especially great for people who are proactive about their health and open to making changes in their lifestyle.


Hamilton was drawn to chronic pain management after seeing so many people fall into the what he calls the dreaded Pain Spiral. This happens when chronic pain has caused an inability to move, leading to depression and weight gain. This in turn results in worsened pain, eventually leading to a sharp decrease in overall quality of life. Hamilton saw that acupuncture could help disrupt this cycle and help patients get back to wellness. In his practice, he has found that emphasizing on palpation can be very effective. Selecting the right acupuncture points for each individual person has helped hundreds of his patients regain their mobility and back their independence.

While medications tend to get rid of symptoms without treating the cause, acupuncture can do more. Many patients who have gone through surgeries and months of pain medication use without much success have found relief through acupuncture. Hamilton believes that by understanding the pain of the individual and providing personalized care, patients achieve better outcomes than with medication alone.


The average treatment for chronic pain is divided into two parts: initial treatment and maintenance phase. Initial treatment consists of 4-8 weekly sessions followed by the maintenance phase treatments once a month. Experts recommend at least 3-4 sessions to see the results from acupuncture. While side effects are uncommon, at most, you may experience slight bruising, tiredness, or light-headedness.

At Gainesville Holistic Healthcare, our focus is learning about our patients past and present health concerns and treating patients as a whole. Alongside acupuncture treatments, you may be prescribed a holistic treatment approach that involves dietary supplements, cupping, Gua-Sha, and other methods.

Patients who follow the prescribed course of treatment report a reduction in pain by 50% or more. This can greatly impact your lifestyle and day-to-day functioning, which can be absolutely life-changing for a lot of people suffering with chronic pain.

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