Even Dogs Gain Benefits From Acupuncture


Advancements in modern medicine have improved the quality of life and longevity of both humans and their pets. But with the newest medical research unveiling the low-risk, high-reward benefits of holistic medicine treatments, more doctors — and veterinarians — turn to acupuncture to treat their patients. While acupuncture is widely known for treating a variety of human medical conditions and symptoms, acupuncture for canines has emerged as a viable option. Acupuncture and other forms of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine are beneficial for treating lameness (the inability to properly use one or more limbs) and depression in canines. Whether performed as a primary treatment or in conjunction with traditional medicine treatments, acupuncture can help maximize the quality, functionality, and enjoyment of your pet’s life. For more information about the benefits of acupuncture treatment, contact a Gainesville acupuncturist with Gainesville Holistic Healthcare today!

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)

Whether due to age or health conditions, many dogs suffer with symptoms that can mirror those of humans, including arthritis, acute or chronic pain, depression, stress, and restricted body movement. For dogs, suffering from pain or other symptoms from a medical condition can significantly alter personality, restrict an active lifestyle, and potentially limit the overall lifespan. Acupuncture is one aspect of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), that focuses on promoting healing and restoration of balance to the body in canines and provide pet owners with a holistic source of treatment for a number of common canine health issues.

In the case of Alfie, a six-year-old, London-based labradoodle, chronic leg pain due to lameness impeded his ability to lead an active, happy life. But with regular veterinary acupuncture treatments, Alfie’s owner saw remarkable improvements to both his mobility and mood.

Acupuncture has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, but it is just now starting to blossom in modern western medicine. As medical research continues to explore the positive health and medical benefits associated with acupuncture treatment for animals and humans alike, the future of holistic medicine is promising for all species.

How Acupuncture Treatment Works For Dogs

Derived from ancient Chinese medicine, modern acupuncture in Gainesville, FL, involves the insertion of tiny, sterile needles into specific acupuncture points on the body, where nerves and blood vessels intersect and energy is transmitted throughout the body. As with acupuncture performed for people, veterinary acupuncture:

  • Promotes the flow of “qi,” or vital life energy;
  • Reduces the effects of chronic pain;
  • Releases stress-reducing hormones and natural chemicals;
  • Improves blood circulation and oxygenation throughout the body;and
  • Stimulates the nervous system and increases the presence of natural, pain and inflammation-fighting chemicals to help treat canine pain, discomfort, and immobility;

Acupuncture provides low-risk holistic treatment benefits that both canines and pet-owners can enjoy and benefit from. In addition to acupuncture, other effective forms of traditional chinese veterinary medicine include moxibustion, electroacupuncture, and acupressure.


Moxibustion is the therapeutic burning of the Mugwort herb to facilitate healing by warming the tissues and increasing circulation in the body. Professionally applied heat can be extremely beneficial for the treatment of pain and discomfort in canines, specifically pets that are older or dogs who suffer with stillness in the joints or soreness of the muscles.


Electroacupuncture consists of coursing electric currents into the body between tiny needles that are inserted into specific acupuncture points. It can help treat muscle spasms and can aid in treating nervous system and spinal cord damage for greater mobility and reduced pain.


A type of massage therapy treatment, acupressure consists of the administration of pressure to select points on the body to induce effects that mirror those of acupuncture. This is great for hard-to-reach spots and for canines with behavioral issues.

Schedule Acupuncture In Gainesville, FL

With veterinary acupuncture, and other types of holistic treatments, pets enjoy longer, more playful lives, while avoiding the need for dangerous and costly surgeries. Likewise, for humans, trained acupuncturists in Gainesville, FL, help restore balance to the mind, body, and soul, and provide a natural treatment option for a myriad of symptoms associated with certain medical conditions. Schedule an appointment with Gainesville Holistic Healthcare today!

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