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Some nights, getting sound sleep seems impossible. While occasional sleeplessness happens to everyone at some point in their lives, persistent sleepless nights can take a severe toll on daily life, mental wellbeing, and overall health. According to research, 50–70 million people suffer with acute and chronic sleep disorders, such as insomnia, each year. Insomnia, a sleep disorder characterized by the habitual inability to fall asleep and stay asleep, can contribute to a variety of diseases and medical conditions, including diabetes, heartburn, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, and mental health problems. If you suffer from insomnia, Gainesville Holistic Healthcare can help. We provide professional massage therapy and acupuncture in Gainesville, FL, for natural and effective treatment of insomnia. Contact us today to achieve the restful sleep you deserve.

Common Causes Of Insomnia

As one of the most prevalent sleep disorders, insomnia occurs for a variety of reasons, such as psychiatric and medical conditions, stimulants, certain substances, unhealthy sleep habits, and biological factors. Of all the causes of insomnia, psychiatric conditions, like anxiety and depression, are at the forefront. What’s more, these conditions have deep-rooted, cyclical ties with insomnia. As depression causes insomnia, sleeplessness from insomnia fuels depression, and so on.

Prescribed sleeping medications have been a staple in traditional Western medicine for treating insomnia for decades, but negative side effects, such as persistent fatigue, changes in appetite, constipation, dizziness, mental impairment, and dependence, far outweigh the benefits of taking such medications.

With holistic treatments steadily progressing as a viable source for treating insomnia, such as Gainesville acupuncture, individuals with insomnia can achieve restful sleep without the side effects.

How Acupuncture Treats Insomnia

Acupuncture draws its origins from an ancient Chinese medical philosophy that balances qi and to make sure it flows unhindered within the body. With increased popularity throughout the western hemisphere, acupuncture has been widely successful in treating a variety of mental, health, and behavioral conditions, including insomnia. Gainesville acupuncture treats imbalances of the heart and emotions that often cause insomnia and the proliferation of side effects associated with this condition. Professional acupuncture gets rid of harmful toxins, feelings, and blocked energy points, while restoring positive chemicals and endorphins.

Insomnia treatment with acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin, sterile, single use needles into specifically selected acupuncture points on the body by a trained acupuncturist. The needles are most often inserted in points located on the arm below the elbow, on the leg, points on the back, abdomen, scalp, and ear. While acupuncture results vary, patients often notice signs of improvement after the first session. Gainesville Holistic Healthcare tailors each acupuncture treatment based on each patient’s specific needs for treating insomnia.

Massage Therapy

When used in conjunction with acupuncture, or as a stand-alone treatment, Gainesville massage therapy can reduce stress and promote restful sleep for individuals who suffer with conditions that inhibit normal sleep cycles, such as insomnia. Professional massage therapy is used to promote relaxation and reduce stress with application of pressure to specific trigger points on the body. On a molecular level, massage directly correlates with sleep. Massage directly influences the production of serotonin, which is essential for the production of melatonin, an essential hormone for regulating sleep. Gainesville Holistic Healthcare offers professional massage therapies designed to treat insomnia and ailments that cause chronic sleep-disturbances, including:

  • Connective tissue therapy;
  • Neuromuscular therapy;
  • Polarity therapy; and
  • Thai massage therapy.

Massages with Gainesville Holistic Healthcare can help you feel, think, and sleep more fully. Don’t lose another night of sleep, contact us today to schedule a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Acupuncture In Gainesville, FL

Adequate, regular sleep is necessary for healthy functioning, and quality sleep is essential to overall health and wellness. Insomnia can be difficult to manage, but it’s not impossible to treat. Gainesville Holistic Healthcare provides acupuncture and massage therapy Gainesville, FL, locals count on for restoring balance to their minds, bodies, and lives. Our certified and experienced holistic therapists have your best interest at heart, providing leading expertise of massage therapy and acupuncture treatments in Gainesville. Call us today!

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