Gainesville Holistic Healthcare has a very relaxing & beautiful environment. Practitioner Traci Pettigrew, AP is very knowledgeable and skilled. She always greets you with a smile, and addresses each concern with care & compassion. I’ve had fantastic results, and would recommend you make an appointment to consult with Traci.

Maria Frontera

I find Traci Pettigrew, AP to be a compassionate, effective practitioner. She has been helping me maintain my knee hoping to avoid/postpone knee replacement surgery. Now that she is doing pain injection therapy my knee has actually greatly improved! I am able to be more active and have much less pain. It’s amazing! In addition to the injections, she keeps me “tuned up” so I’m healthier overall. Traci is very straightforward with her assessment and treatment plan so you know what to expect with each treatment. I highly recommend Traci.

Ruth HM

I needed some serious help in dealing with the effects of the trauma in my life, and Gainesville Holistic Healthcare has been a godsend. Before my treatments with Traci Pettigrew, I was suffering from panic attacks, having trouble sleeping, waking up in a state of panic, and just generally falling apart physically, emotionally, and mentally. After only three weeks of treatment, I am finally sleeping through the night and waking up feeling safe and rested. The panic attacks have all but disappeared, and I’m having a much easier time getting through the day.

I absolutely love Traci’s approach to healing, because it is truly holistic. Rather than treating my individual symptoms separately, Traci treats my whole being, and honors my perceptions and input about my own health and experiences. She also has a way of punching a hole in the clouds and reminding you that there’s sunlight just waiting to get in. She’s very comforting and down to earth while still being professional, and she clearly knows her stuff.

The benefits of the treatment I’m receiving actually surpass the tangible and steady improvements to my health, because this is truly what I would call a “healing partnership”. To me, the feeling of having someone in my corner, someone who speaks my language and genuinely cares about my wellbeing is, in and of itself, extremely restorative and empowering. I highly recommend Traci Pettigrew and Gainesville Holistic Healthcare to anyone in need of healing.

Harlequin Voyage

Traci is a brilliant practitioner. I recently went through a series of difficult and extensive surgeries, and began seeing her as part of my recovery process. Her expertise and attention to detail are second-to-none and are what propelled me into a life of health and wellness. Traci is a professional at all times, but her warm and inviting personality puts her clients at ease. Whether you are dealing with preexisting health issues or are beginning a path toward a lifetime of wellness, Traci is the practitioner for you! The facilities are always clean and comfortable and the energy in the office is positive and cleansing. I am a happy client!

Rolda D.

I’ve been seeing Traci for quite a while and absolutely consider her my primary care physician. She has helped me with a very wide variety of issues over the years including migraines, stress and even digestive issues. I am always referring people to Gnv Holistic Healthcare because I truly believe it is life changing how much of an affect you receive after only one session. Especially if you have been dealing with an unresolved medical issue with traditional Western care, Traci is the doctor for you.

Meghan Morales

My experience with Gainesville Holistic Healthcare and Traci, AP has been life changing. I have unresolved Bell’s Palsy (14 years). I have left side facial paralysis with facial spasms/twitching. I have been seeing [Ms. Pettigrew] for about three weeks and my spasms have reduced noticeably. There has also been an improvement in my facial symmetry of probably about 70%. The improvement I have seen in my face has been much more than I ever dreamed would be possible. The office and treatment rooms are clean, relaxing and a perfect healing environment. I give many, many, thanks and look forward to continuing treatment with [Ms. Pettigrew]

Marolyn Pace

Traci is a wonderful acupuncturist! She is thorough with her intake questions, taking pulses, and doing different protocols!
She is also kind, compassionate and has calming energy! She is an excellent healer!
I highly recommend seeing her!

Ilene Goldstein

GHH has been a very important part of my healthcare and wellness journey. In the short months that I have been going, I have had significant improvement with fibromyalgia and arthritis than I ever had with other medications and doctors. Traci is always a pleasure to see and I completely trust her treatments and herbs that are prescribed. She is always attentive and I would highly recommend her services.

Jaya B.

I have had nothing but great experiences with Traci. She is caring, professional, and competent. I highly recommend her.

Cindy Brush

Had a great experience with Traci. She is very gentle, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend her!

Sara Potter